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Malaysia Airlines Hits New Low With 'Bucket List' Contest


The words “Malaysia Airlines” have become synonymous with tragedy, heartbreak, awful crisis management, and an utter lack of basic human decency. But the airline hit a new low this week with a ticket giveaway contest that asked potential passengers which destinations are on their bucket list. Yes, you read that correctly. Malaysia Airlines asked people where they want to fly before they die. You know what isn’t on anyone’s bucket list? Flying Malaysia Airlines!

If you’re asking how Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government can continually bungle things so badly, you’re not alone. We asked this very question in our Malaysia episode:

Flying Malaysia Airlines is on my “fuck it” list.

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Garden Gnomes Steal Austrian Election Spotlight


If you think U.S. politics is a dirty business, you should see what’s happening in Austria ahead of regional elections. A rival party is accused of stealing… wait for it… 400 garden gnomes put out by the Socialist Party as part of its campaign. The rival conservative People’s Party denies any involvement. But strangely, the gnomes have been replaced by People’s Party posters. Politics really does make strange gardenbed fellows!


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(Staying) Out of Africa

Read a map.

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Steven Seagal Barred From Music Festival Over Putin Support


Steven Seagal is in hot water again. As many of you know, Seagal has become WTFAW’s unofficial foreign affairs correspondent with his frequent pronouncements on world events (e.g. “Vladimir Putin is one of the greatest world leaders alive today.”) What you may not know is that he is also a blues guitarist. Yes, a blues guitarist. Don’t feel badly. Nobody knew that. Except Estonians apparently. Seagal was scheduled to HEADLINE the Augustibluus blues festival in Haapsalu, Estonia next month. No longer. Seagal was just banned from performing. It seems Estonians stopped listening to Seagal’s blues and started listening to his views. Poor Seagal. He’ll need to find somewhere else to play “I Can’t Quit You, Vladi.”

For more on Steven Seagal’s bromance with Vladimir Putin, listen to our episode on Ukraine!

Estonia has Steven Seagal singin’ the blues!

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It’s an all new episode, folks!


ALL NEW EPISODE! Benari and Kevin give in to the rhythm and go to Rio! That’s right, the boys are in BRAZIL to soak up the culture and get in on the action! Beaches! Bikinis! Carnivale! The World Cup! Protests! Riots! Economic Inequality! And what do Martians, Nazis, and Steven Seagal have to do with it? Plus, no trip to the Amazon would be complete without Kevin’s favorite fish detective, Jeremy Wade! What’re we waiting for…let’s go to BRAZIL!

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A slimmer Rob Ford is out of rehab. Brother says: "He'll be hungry."


Everyone’s favorite mayor, Rob Ford, left rehab Monday and returned to work by holding a press conference from which most of the City Hall press gallery was actually banned.  

Conveniently, Ford returned to work just in time to take a holiday. Today, July 1st, is the day Canadians like Kevin celebrate Canada Day, which marks the birth of America’s politest neighbor.

YOU can celebrate Canada Day by listening to our Toronto episode!