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No news is still good news for CNN!

No real updates in the missing Malaysian Flight 370 investigation won’t stop CNN’s non-stop coverage of the non-story, with their latest non-bombshell.

Australian officials say an “object of interest” in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has been found, but Malaysian authorities said it was too early to tell if it is a real lead.   

But what about the country of Malaysia itself?  Kevin and Benari investigate and tell you what you need to know.

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Whatever is happening in Eastern #Ukraine, it's probably bad for Jews

“The perpetrators and their targets are opposing politicians and political movements, but the true victims are the Jewish communities.” - Abraham Foxman, ADL.   


Well.  Whoever handed out those anti-Semitic leaflets to Jews in Eastern Ukraine sure set off an international shit storm.  But this is nothing new for pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian groups, as the New York Times reports.

  In the conflict, each side often accuses the other of “provocations.” Though pro-Russian militants claim that Ukrainian nationalists operate underground in eastern Ukraine, there is no evidence this is the case. There is similarly little concrete evidence that pro-Russian militants might be masquerading as nationalists to galvanize public opinion here against Kiev, an allegation that has surfaced there.

Were the anti-Semitic pamphlets handed out as part of an extortion scheme? Were they handed out as part of a plot to discredit the separatists? Is the newly-declared government just back-pedaling now?  Nobody seems to know for sure right now, but one thing is clear: no matter what, it’s probably bad news for the Jews.

“We have seen a series of cynical and politically manipulative uses and accusations of anti-Semitism in Ukraine over the past year,” Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement issued Thursday. “The perpetrators and their targets are opposing politicians and political movements, but the true victims are the Jewish communities. We strongly condemn the anti-Semitic content, but also all attempts to use anti-Semitism for political purposes.”

Meanwhile, an international deal may have been reached to help ease tensions in Ukraine, even as militants refuse to lay down weapons.  

While the world watches, you can get some essential facts on Ukraine and Crimea right here:

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Malaysia flight's co-pilot tried to make cellphone call-report

Just when you thought the search for #Malaysia #Flight370 couldn’t get weirder… 


A new (possible) development in the missing Flight MH370 case!

The source of this new development is especially interesting, as The Daily News points out:

The New Straits Times, a newspaper with close ties to the Malaysian government, did not divulge the details of the call. But it was an intriguing development in the more than month-long mystery behind the disappearance of flight MH370. 

Kevin and Benari have some “intriguing” theories of their own on why the Malaysian government’s response has been so terrible.  You can hear all about it on the latest episode. 

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#Malaysia is weirder than you think.



While investigating the Malaysian government’s bungled handling of Flight 370, Kevin and Benari find themselves caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder. And sodomy. And Spaceballs. And Zoolander. And two Malaysian prime ministers — not including the one from Zoolander. And what does Christiane Amanpour have to do with all of this? It’s Malaysia, She Wrote!

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