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A slimmer Rob Ford is out of rehab. Brother says: "He'll be hungry."


Everyone’s favorite mayor, Rob Ford, left rehab Monday and returned to work by holding a press conference from which most of the City Hall press gallery was actually banned.  

Conveniently, Ford returned to work just in time to take a holiday. Today, July 1st, is the day Canadians like Kevin celebrate Canada Day, which marks the birth of America’s politest neighbor.

YOU can celebrate Canada Day by listening to our Toronto episode! 

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Ukraine Foreign Minister Calls Russia's Vladimir Putin a 'Dickhead'


Well, we didn’t want to be the first to say it, but somebody had to.

Ukraine’s Acting Foreign Minister, Andriy Deshchytsia, may need a lesson or two in the dos and don’ts of international diplomacy.  But for now, we can’t fault the guy for speaking his mind.  To be fair, Putin did cut off the natural gas supply to Ukraine this week.  Which is a total dickhead move.

You can hear all about Putin and Ukraine right here:

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Um.  Guy who replaced Britney with himself in every shot of the WORK BITCH video is MESMERIZING.   



Here’s some of the great stuff we found on the internet today that didn’t make it onto tonight’s show. Get your click on.

Guy replaces Britney with himself in every shot of video. He got to work. (via Reddit

Dad hates son’s tattoos. So, they’re all of 2 girls 1 cup, huh? (via YouTube)

Drew Barrymore is the Mother of Dragons. Awesome (ignore last night’s episode). (via Imgur)

World Cup goal gets memed like crazy. Because in America no bodies are athletic enough to move like that and it looks weird. (via BleacherReport)

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AP IMPACT: Tax cheats took billions from Ukraine


Just when you thought the situation in Ukraine couldn’t look any more like a spy thriller…


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WTFAW 980 WCAP clip - "Going Deeper"

If you were wondering what the fuck Steven Seagal has to say about Ukraine…


Did you hear us on 980 WCAP last friday?  Here’s the clip! 

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"Who are you going to believe: Me? Or your lying eyes?" - Putin, basically

In case you were wondering how things were going in Ukraine.


Here’s what you need to know about Ukraine:

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Do you like Mila Kunis, singing super villains, and Steven Seagal?  Then you’ll LOVE our episode on Ukraine.  Also, there are facts. 


What do Vladimir Putin, Viktor Yushchenko, Mila Kunis, Charlie Rose, Bill O’Reilly, Steven Seagal, Jeremy Wade, Joseph Stalin, and Jackée all have to do with the crisis in Ukraine? And why is it bad for the Jews? The boys go digging for answers and this time, not even Kevin is safe from Benari’s wild conspiracy theories!