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#Crimea votes to go with #Russia, shocking nobody! 


We here at WTFAW are shocked - SHOCKED - by this turn of events.

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine (AP) — Fireworks exploded and Russian flags fluttered above jubilant crowds Sunday after residents in Crimea voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. The United States and Europe condemned the ballot as illegal and destabilizing and were expected to slap sanctions against Russia for it.

Ukraine’s new government in Kiev called the referendum a “circus” directed at gunpoint by Moscow - referring to the thousands of Russian troops now in the strategic Black Sea peninsula after seizing it two weeks ago.

But after the polls closed late Sunday, crowds of ethnic Russians in the regional Crimean capital of Simferopol erupted with jubilant chants in the main square, overjoyed at the prospect of once again becoming part of Russia.

Here’s what we had to say about the Crisis in Crimea!

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It’s Crisis in the #Crimea!  Featuring Russian action star #Putin!



Putin’s at it again.  And this time, he’s after Crimea.  All of your favorite WTFAW action stars are back: John Kerry, John McCain, John Rambo, Rocky, Steven Seagal, and The Mongols!  With music by The Russian Police Choir and Iron Maiden.  It’s Crisis in Crimea!    

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#RobFord doesn’t use drugs. He just experimented with them. In his youth. Last year. While serving as Mayor of Toronto.  


Why was our good friend, Rob Ford, on the Today show again?  Well, a few months have gone by and Matt Lauer just decided to “check in” on him.  Plus, Ford’s running for re-election.  Yes, *re*-election. 

Ford tells Lauer that he didn’t “use” drugs, he just “experimented” with them.  Sure.  Like your college roommate didn’t “steal” your CDs, he just “borrowed” them.  Forever. 

Finally, we have to give Matt Lauer kudos for keeping a straight face during this exchange about the infamous Steak Queen video: “You were clearly inebriated.  I believe you were talking in a Jamaican accent.  What happened?  I think you called it a ‘minor setback.’”  Ford says: “I’ve been brought up with Jamaican friends and we went out and that’s what I mean, I drank and I enjoyed myself.  I think it was Fri…I can’t remember what night it was.”  Actually, Rob… it was a Monday night.  Last month.  And you were with your friend, accused drug dealer Sandro Lisi, who is not Jamaican. 

For more on how Ford got elected in the first place and why Toronto can’t seem to get rid of him, listen to our Toronto episode here!     

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Remember when Vladimir Putin basically threatened to cut off a reporter’s dick? Maybe the journalists in Sochi don’t have it so bad after all.

Putin does not really like journalists.

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Dorn Townsend | How Television Is Transforming Afghanistan | Foreign Affairs

TV in Afghanistan might be the key to the country’s future success!


We predicted it! This is exactly the type of “pop culture revolution” in Afghanistan we talked about a few months ago on the podcast.  Here’s what Benari had to say about it in December:

"But the thing that makes me most optimistic is the rise of pop culture in Afghanistan… we take for granted how influential and transformative television can be in a culture… in Afghanistan, it’s not just escapism – it’s actually a direct reflection of freedom and progress in the region." 

And here’s what an article in Foreign Affairs had to say about it today:

For the past four years, Afghan television stations have been flooding the country’s airwaves with a steady stream of crime dramas and courtroom documentaries. Although produced by Afghans, the shows have been funded by foreign backers, including the European Commission, the United Nations, and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The article goes on to explain why this is a very good thing for Afghanistan.

… the crime series provide twin benefits: offering up a valuable education in civil procedure and engendering popular expectations of equality before the law.

Over the past decade, Afghanistan has made modest strides in its formalized civil code, but it has all come at a high price.

By contrast, comparatively paltry investments in Afghan television and its imaginary courtrooms have yielded proportionately higher returns. By providing compelling examples of Afghans who exercise their civic rights and hold their state accountable, Kabul’s scriptwriters and journalists are tackling the demand problem head on, motivating citizens to lay claim to the laws and protections so doggedly championed by rule-of-law organizations. 

Read the full article and then listen to our thoughts from a few months back on the positive impact of pop culture in Afghanistan!

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Would you spend the night in #Stalin’s #Sochi home? 

This now private hotel boasts an indoor salt-water swimming pool, bulletproof couch (for your safety), and  a creepy cadaver-like wax figure of Stalin that seems to be watching your every move.  Pretty sweet deal, right?  


We talk about it.

More fun #Sochi2014 facts!