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Love the 3 Beetles.  

3 Beetles

November 9th holds a mythic place in Beatles lore: in 1966, it was the night John met Yoko and, according to legend, it was the date Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash.  The car he was driving: a white Aston Martin.  The James Bond car.  

So when Skyfall was set to open on November 9th of this year…I was already mindful of Bond’s relationship to that particular date.  And while this is simply my own wild conjecture, I’m pretty sure that Skyfall's spectacular whirlwind opening sequence paid homage to the Paul is Dead conspiracy with a wry wink and a nod. 

One of the more famous Paul is Dead clues is the Magical Mystery Tour drum kit which plainly reads, “Love the 3 Beatles.”  In the above clip from Skyfall, Bond steamrolls over THREE VW Beetles.  Sure, a marketing tie-in may explain why there would be VW Beetles present, but the filmmakers must have at least been aware of the implications of using THREE of them?  The franchise is no stranger to in-jokes and Beatles’ references, after all. And - just to be sure the audience knows there are three VW Beetles - one of the characters specifically points out that there are THREE VW Beetles on the train. Just to make sure we don’t miss that detail (the line itself occurs in the moment before the above clip starts)…

Maybe it’s just a fun coincidence.  But I kind of think it’s a knowing nod to one of the more interesting ties between two of Britain’s most enduring pop cultural legends.

Love the 3 Beatles

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All You Need Is Love.

They could have played any song on Our World, the first live global television broadcast.  By 1967, The Beatles had plenty to choose from in their catalog.  But when given the opportunity to take part in this first-of-its-kind event, to reach people around the world and make one, simple statement, their message was this: love is all you need.

"It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message,"

Brian Epstein said of the song. 

"The nice thing about it is that it cannot be misinterpreted. It is a clear message saying that love is everything."

On June 25th, 1967, over 400 million people in 26 countries tuned in to see what The Beatles had to say to the world. All You Need Is Loveis what they said.

Of course, John said it while chewing gum…

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